Youth Employability: New resources now available

Young employeesWe have been working alongside the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and Auckland Council in recent months, conducting research on youth employability in the city.

As a result, we now have two insightful new resources which we created for our Employability Forum on November 14th, and also for you to make use of in your work. The resources are a short and informative video showing interviews and focus groups (click here to view the video) and an extensive report (link to report here) highlighting the views, key themes and challenges for young people and employers today.

As part of the project, we spoke to a range of young people from all walks of life and ethnicities, as well as speaking to employers and business owners, to get views on the opportunities, barriers and challenges for both young employees and employers in the space.

The video is a useful resource that shows the different views, concerns and aspirations of young people trying to get into the workforce, and we also hear from employers on the other side of the story, who speak about what they are looking for in young employees and apprentices and what some of the common challenges are in employing young people.

The report, Enhancing Youth Employability to support economic growth in Auckland, was prepared by Alison Sutton and Shirley Johnson (COMET Auckland) and Penelope Tuatagaloa (RIMU, Auckland Council).

Feel free to share this video and the accompanying report with your networks, so we can all have a better understanding of the important issue of youth employment, unemployment and employability.

Thanks to all the young people and employers who made this project possible.


Maori Education Snapshot

We are pleased to announce our latest resource A snapshot of Māori Education in Tāmaki Makaurau 2013 is now complete and ready to be put to good use. Click here to view the snapshot.

Maori education snapshot
The Maori education snapshot is ready now

The snapshot offers useful information, statistics and recommendations on Māori education and skills in Auckland, covering ECE and Kohanga, school and NCEA achievement, transitions, language and some suggestions on how we can ensure rangatahi and tamariki get the best out of their education and are well-prepared for later life.

Snapshot highlights:

–         Of the 8,925 tamariki enrolled in ECE in 2012, only 13% were enrolled in te Kohanga Reo

–         NCEA Level 2 pass rates for Māori are improving, but there is still an achievement gap between Māori and non-Māori

–         27% of young Māori left school with no qualifications in 2011, compared to 13% of Auckland school leavers

To request hard copies of the Māori education snapshot, please contact Raewyn Hooper at or you can access the snapshot via COMET Auckland’s website here.

New resource: Helping adults learn new vocabulary

Embedding and Vocabulary

What can you do if you are helping someone learn – to cook, to improve their golf, to use small business software – and it becomes clear they have trouble reading and writing?

Helping the learner to understand the new words that relate to the subject they are learning is a great place to start.

In any new subject there are new words, technical terms and abbreviations. If a person has never heard those terms, it makes it hard to use them, read them or write them down. And sometimes people can read a word but not understand what it means in a particular context. Understanding is key!

I’ve been involved in developing a resource for tutors to help people to learn and overcome the barriers that new vocabulary and words can create.

The Embedding and Vocabulary resource offers strategies and tips for people teaching in the community to use when working with learners who are covering new areas.

Let me know if you find it helpful in the comments section below, and pass it on if you find it useful. The resource was developed for Te Kupenga o Manukau ACE Network.