Radio NZ: Susan Warren on the rise of early childcare centres in Auckland


COMET Auckland’s Chief Executive, Susan Warren, spoke with Radio New Zealand about the large number of new early childcare centres that have been established throughout Auckland this year, the highest number since 2009.

Of the 93 new ECE centres, 50 are being run from people’s homes – which is a controversial and often criticised method of delivery.

Susan told Radio NZ this increase could mean good news, but was largely dependent on where the new services were being opened.

“Many of the services that have been just opened this year are in the higher socio-economic areas and they tend to be the areas that are better served already for early learning,” she said

“So it’s a little bit of a concern that not very many of those new services are in low socio-economic areas.

“There seems to be an indication that quality is a bit more variable in home-based services than it is in others and if the pattern is followed, we would have to question what quality those services would be.”

Click here to read the full article.


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