SnapshotsThis year we created a series of 23 infographics presenting important statistics on education, skills and employment, with a particular focus on families.

The suite of education infographics cover Auckland’s 21 local boards, an Auckland-wide snapshot and, for the first time, information on The Southern Initiative (TSI), which combines data from Mangere-Otahuhu, Manurewa, Otara-Papatoetoe and Papakura.

These snapshots act as a valuable resource for Local Boards, Government, education professionals, community organisations, parents, caregivers and learners, enabling people to understand the key characteristics of their regions and make informed decisions. The infographics have received positive feedback from the Ministry of Education since being released in mid-2015.

The Southern Initiative infographic highlights some of the education and skills gaps affecting Auckland’s southern suburbs:

• The number of school leavers achieving University Entrance is significantly lower in South Auckland at 36.2%, compared to Auckland as a whole, at 57.1%.

• The unemployment rate in South Auckland is at 10.4%, compared to Auckland as a whole, at 5.4%

• 29% of South Aucklanders have no qualifications whatsoever, compared to 16.8% Auckland-wide

• A major concern is the lack of internet for households with children. In South Auckland, 33% of households with school-aged children don’t have Internet access, compared to 15% of families Auckland-wide.

Quotes from stakeholders:

“I met with some of the White House Initiative leaders in education today and gave them copies of your snapshots (Maori, Pasifika) and explained how important these have been. They went down very well with the people I was meeting with.” Professor Airini, Thompson Rivers University, Canada.

“We all love the snapshots” Paul Prestidge, Auckland Council

“I was able to use the Devonport Takapuna snapshot in conversation with the youth board and the new youth board applicants at our meet & greet on Monday evening, very timely.” Steve McLuckie, Auckland Council

“The factsheets were helpful in gaining an understanding of the demographic issues throughout Auckland, and particularly within my ward area.” George Wood, CNZM, Auckland Councillor

If you want to check out the 23 snapshots of the local boards, click here.


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