This network is already leading to a more intentional focus on talking in programmes, increased professional development and improved connections between some services.COMET Auckland is sponsoring a Talking Matters collaboration. Representatives from teacher education, health, early learning, family services, child development researchers, parenting programmes, family literacy and government met in November last year and April this year, forming the Talking Matters network. The network includes more than 30 organisations who have sat together to talk about talking and its importance for kids.

Being such a natural part of life, it’s hard to imagine that some children start school without enough oral language to get a great start.

Local research and international evidence is growing around the challenge we face. About a third of our children may not have the language skills they need to make a great start on reading. Talking isn’t just important for education, but feedback from employers highlight that young people are often not able to talk on the job.

Two more network meetings are planned for 2015, a work programme is being developed and we are applying for funding to support this collaboration.

To link up to the Talking Matters network, contact

To access this article, or to read about more of the projects we are involved in, please click here to check out the full May 2015 Newsletter.


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