Those of you who follow this newsletter may remember that our Strategic Analyst, Alison Sutton, was awarded the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship last year, recognising her skill and passion for literacy and education.

Alison spent a whirlwind month traveling in the USA and England on her Fellowship tour, observing working processes across digital, gender, and action hub literacy strategies, as well as strategies to support cohesive and dynamic cross-sector literacy collaborations.

In a series of insightful blog posts on the  COMET Auckland WordPress blog, Alison details her efforts to find more ways to link education, community and business to raise literacy for children and adults. With oracy becoming an increasingly important issue in work environments across Auckland, Alison’s observations focused on ways to develop oral communication skills and decrease the number of youth not in education, employment or training (NEET).

This was an opportunity for Alison to gain new insights on issues of importance to Auckland’s social and economic wellbeing.   Over the next few weeks, Alison will be reflecting on her findings and identifying implications to feed into the way we plan and deliver our work.  She will also be presenting to various relevant groups and forums so others can benefit from her experiences.

Keep an eye out in our May newsletter for a longer article detailing Alison’s experience as a Winston Churchill Fellow, once she has had time to reflect. If you’re a Twitter user, you can keep up with her at @AlisonJSutton, or contact her at

To access this article, or to read more of the projects we are involved in, please click here to check out the full April 2015 Newsletter.


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