We have seen some fantastic results from our Tāmaki Makaurau Education Forum last month. Facilitated by the COMET Auckland Maori Education Manager, Hau Rawiri, the emphasis for this hui was Te Reo revitalisation, and involved focused discussion around government and community engagement strategies, language resilience and how policy can support Māori education.

A particular focus was around the history of Te Reo, and how different factors affected its decline. Studies have shown a dramatic decline in Te Reo Māori in the 1950s, which reflected trends in urban migration and Māori families moving out of iwi environments.

We also identified four focus areas which were:

  • Empowering communities – supporting community initiatives around Māori education.
  • Speaking Te Reo – encourage Māori to be comfortable in participating and speaking Te Reo in immersion environments.
  • Best Learning – identify broad strategies that foster effective iwi cohesion.
  • Te Ataarangi – maintaining Te Reo proficiency outside of immersion environments.

You can access the minutes and slides from this meeting at the specially designed  Mātauranga Māori hub on the COMET Auckland website.

For more information on the work COMET Auckland is doing in Te Reo revitalisation, or to be involved in the next Tāmaki Makaurau Education Forum, please contact our Māori Education Manager, Hau Rawiri at hau.rawiri@cometauckland.org.nz

To access this article, or to read more of the projects we are involved in, please click here to check out the full April 2015 Newsletter.


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