The Solomon Group, COMET Auckland’s delivery partner for family learning and literacy, wrapped MoneyMinded into Whānau Ara Mua (a family learning programme where second-chance learners complete a Level 2 Certificate in Family Learning and Child Development). This enabled the parents on the course to improve their literacy and maths while also learning skills with money. After the course, 82% of the participants said they had started to put money aside for family emergencies. The impact report shows that greater financial literacy increases personal confidence and reduces stress. A carefully crafted financial literacy programme can have a really positive difference, as illustrated by the recent impact report on the ANZ’s MoneyMinded programme

One of MoneyMinded’s strengths has been that it is designed for use by adults with low reading and maths skills, something that is not always recognised in financial literacy programmes.

For more information on MoneyMinded, you can access the ANZ Impact Report here

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