COMET Auckland is very excited to announce the trial of our employability passport began on April 20. It’s taken a long time to get this point, and we would like to recognise the support our partners and sponsors, who include:

  • Auckland Council
  • Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED)
  • Careers New Zealand
  • Employers and Manufacturers Association
  • Employers Association Trust
  • Pathways to Employment Trust
  • Tindall Foundation
  • Work and Income
  • Workchoice

This trial process will involve placing the passport in three Auckland schools and youth organisations. In all, 100 young people will receive training in employability skills through classroom work and on the job experience, recording their developing skills in the passport. The trial will be carefully evaluated to establish which components have worked well and what changes need to be made to improve the workability of the passport. This will involve monthly reviews, with the process being revised as we go.

A special thank you to Work and Income, Auckland Council and The Passport to Employment Trust who have made it possible for us to bring on a programme and logistics coordinator, Caroline Schwerin, to organise young people’s work placements, handle logistics and liaise with young people, schools and employers. The Passport to Employment Trust works to ensure that students are aware of their career options in trades and technology and are committed to providing successful education and industry partnerships that connect youth with vocational opportunities within the region.

Please contact Caroline at if you are able to offer work placements to support this project.

For more information on the Youth Employability Passport, please contact Shirley Johnson, COMET Auckland Skills Manager at

To access the full version of our April 2015 Newsletter and read more of the projects we are involved in, please click here to check it out and subscribe.


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