Many thanks to all of you who completed our survey1stakeholder survey in December.  We have found the results affirming and
valuable in reflecting on our work.

The aim of the survey was to gauge how COMET Auckland’s value is perceived by our core audiences and project partners.

Almost two thirds of respondents said that COMET Auckland is driving successful education and skills outcomes in Auckland, and over half stated that COMET’s positioning as an independent, cross-sector organisation is highly important in advocating the specific education and skills needed in Auckland.

According to the survey respondents:

  • 93.33%     said that improving education and skills outcomes to enable Auckland to become the world’s most liveable city is very or highly important
  • 83.33%     said having an independent, cross-sector organisation advocating for the particular needs of Auckland and supporting coherence in education and skills is very or highly important
  • 81.36%     said COMET Auckland fulfils an important function
  • 55.56%     of Public Sector / Central Government respondents said COMET fulfils a unique function in Auckland’s education and skills landscape, in a way that no other organisation does.

Among the responses, the following anonymous comments stood out:

“COMET has played a key role in fostering the financial literacy programmes in the Tamaki area and, through this, contributed to a growing recognition of the possibility of change amongst the financial wellbeing of the Pasifika community. We provided a better service through working with budgeting and family focused groups in our local area”.

COMET “pulled together major organisations in South Auckland to collaborate on education in Tamaki Makaurau… Inspired learning by bringing together specialised Māori in their field to present and discuss issues that relate to many of us”.

“COMET is great at doing research / collating data so that arguments can be presented to Auckland Council / funding agencies etc. that are based on sound information and not just anecdotal / emotional responses… It’s an important role.”

Thank you to all of those who participated in our survey. Your input has been invaluable and an important reference to COMET Auckland, at a time when we need to demonstrate our contribution to the city’s education and skills sector more than ever.

For more information on our recent survey, or for ways to support COMET Auckland, please contact our Chief Executive Susan Warren at

For the full March 2015 newsletter, please click here.


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