Whānau Ara Mua, our own family learning programme is thriving. Last week 122 adults, mostly Maori and Pasifika students crossed the stage and received their qualification, a Level 2 Certificate in Family Learning and Child Development. The 80% graduation rate is a huge achievement for these tertiary priority learners, and a testament to the strong pastoral care provided by Solomon Group. It is wonderful to see how the programme has changed the lives of these students, and the lives of their families. Almost all participants are sole parents on benefits, who are looking to both better support their children and build their own employability and confidence.

I now understand some of the school curriculum and where my children should be for their learning age.

I am now making time for my children and we are now all spending more time with each other. We talk a lot about our problems or about what we did during our day; we also give my two year old son a chance to talk as well, which is great.

Whanau Ara Mua has given me and my family a brighter future

Next year Whanau Ara Mua expands to 220 places in 12 sites across the city. For information about the new sites or connecting learners to the programme, contact maree@solomongroup.co.nz

For the full November newsletter, please click here.


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