24 hours to go to support education in Auckland – make your submission on the Unitary Plan

Submissions on Auckland’s draft Unitary Plan are due in just 24 hours – the deadline is 5pm, May 31st.  If you’re an Aucklander who cares about education, and you haven’t already made a submission, check out ours here: 068 Submission on Draft Unitary Plan.

Our main points are:

  • The Unitary Plan needs to support the education and skills goals in the Auckland Plan by making it easy to build new learning facilities, through planning for land use and smoother consenting rules
  • Early learning services should be defined as education facilities, not as care centres
  • PTEs should be included in the list of education facilities
  • We welcome the establishment of school precincts to enable community use on school sites
  • Rules for public open space need to be altered to allow early learning services to be established on the edges of parks where appropriate
  • The limit of 200 square metres for easy establishment of an ECE in a residential zone should be increased to at least 250 square metres so the services are economically viable
  • Parking requirements need to be reduced
  • New subdivisions should be required to set aside land for learning facilities

Please feel free to copy and paste any sections of our submission you agree with, to use in your own submissions.  Failing that, send us a comment here and we’ll pass it on to the Unitary Plan writing team.


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