Unitary Plan: Educators, make sure you have your say

With so much debate surrounding the Unitary Plan, it is tempting to think it is just home owners and land developers that will be affected by changes under the Auckland Plan. However, there are also several proposed changes that could affect learning institutions and community facilities.

We are strongly encouraging educators and education advocacy groups to give input for the Draft Unitary Plan, so that we can ensure education and skills are given the priority they require over the next 30 years.

To help you do that, we’ve prepared some notes (which you can access here: Notes on Education in the Draft Unitary Plan) summarising how the draft Unitary Plan aims to provide for the future learning needs of Auckland.

The notes also raise some questions about how some provisions might best be amended to maximize the potential to support education and learning through the Plan. Areas covered in the notes include:

– Relevant Auckland Plan priorities and targets, particularly around putting children and young people first
– Definitions used in the Plan for various types of education facilities
– Zoning rules and parking requirements for early learning centres and for other education facilities
– Other provisions which could be relevant to learning including transport, access to digital resources and signage provisions.

If you would like to make a submission, we’d encourage you consider some of the issues and areas that will affect education and skills, and then send your submission to the Council by the due date of May 31st.

Alternatively, you can send us your thoughts for inclusion with COMET Auckland’s proposal – please send any material for inclusion by May 24th to susan.warren@cometauckland.org.nz


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