Need a great resource? The Local Board snapshots are ready

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Have you ever wanted a quick and easy reference tool, that gives you up to date statistics about your local area without the hassle of tracking down all the different pieces of information to give you the full picture?

Look no further, because the complete set of resources for the 21 Auckland Local Boards is now ready for you and your community. You can access these innovative tools here

From Albert-Eden to Whau, the suite of snapshots can be used to inform and guide local decision-making, with data including demographics, home ownership, ECE participation and NCEA results and even breakdowns of industries in the area. The snapshots provide comprehensive information in a visual and engaging format.

The information in the snapshots will be useful in helping to set local priorities and will help all of us identify areas of concern and opportunities to meet local challenges.

Who will benefit from using the snapshots to support local decision-making?

– Funders and organisations/groups seeking funding
– Education institutions (ECE, kohanga, primary, intermediate, high school, tertiary, adult education)
– Business leaders and recruiters
– Politicians and local board members
– Families/whanau
– Not for profit and community groups
All Aucklanders with an interest in education, communities, and improving outcomes for the city

How you can get the maximum use out of the snapshot for your local area:

– Go to and click on the Snapshots tab
– Find the snapshot for your local board area
– View, download and print the PDF and review the information
– Share the resource with your networks and use it as a discussion starter
– Display the snapshot at work (on your notice board, desk, kitchen area) and make it a focus of conversation
– Use it as an evidence base to allocate/seek funding
Ensure that education and skills are given priority in all local discussions

We are looking forward to the snapshots being a widely used tool for communities seeking to improve education, economic and social outcomes. Let us know how you use the snapshots!


One thought on “Need a great resource? The Local Board snapshots are ready

  1. Great resource. Is there a breakdown available of ethnicities included in ‘Asian’ and ‘other’? I would be particularly interested for Franklin.

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