Calling all Auckland educators – have your say on the Unitary Plan

Auckland’s draft Unitary Plan has just been published, and as citizens, we’re being asked to have our say about how our city will function over the next 30 years.

It’s important that as many Aucklanders as possible send our comments in, so Auckland Council can take all views into account as they finalise the Plan.

That’s all well and good for us all as citizens, but what’s it got to do with education, you ask?

In fact, the Unitary Plan will have profound implications for education in our city.  For example it will affect:

  • how much land can be made available for learning institutions like ECEs and schools
  • how spaces in Council buildings (like community centres) can be made available for learning activities like playgroups or adult education classes
  • whether transport routes work to get learners to tertiary education campuses
  • how easy it is to get new buildings (for ECEs, schools, tertiary institutions…) through the consenting process
  • how many libraries, sports fields, museums and other public learning spaces we have, and how well they are maintained and updated

In the next few days we’ll be creating a summary of the education-related provisions in the draft Unitary Plan.  We hope you’ll find that useful as you put together your own submission.

It’s important that as many educators as possible have their say on the Unitary Plan, so the council can take education needs into account as they plan for Auckland’s future.

Are you planning to make a submission?


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