New Resource: Helping adults learn maths

Numeracy is the use of maths in the real world.

We use maths all the time without even thinking about it. Measuring up for a garden shed, multiplying a recipe for 4 people so it can feed 12, calculating how long a trip will take and how much it will cost or comparing costs of specials at the supermarket are examples of how adults use maths, calculations, shape and statistics in every day life.

If you are helping adults learn a new skill, you may also need to help them with some maths or maths-related language that relates to this new skill.

Here is a resource for tutors that suggests some ways you can help learners build their numeracy skills, without having to be an maths expert yourself.

Embedding and Numeracy: a resource for ACE tutors offers strategies and tips for working with learners who are learning skills that require some understanding and use of maths language.

Let me know if you find it helpful in the comments section below, and pass it on if you find it useful. The resource was developed for Te Kupenga o Manukau ACE Network.


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