Let’s give our children a great start – enrol them for school now

It’s school enrolment time again. Being enrolled and starting school from Day One is crucial for giving our young people the best start.

Every year hundreds of students turn up to schools without being enrolled first. Tell everyone you know that their child will have a better start to the year if they are enrolled in advance and present on Day One.

Why is it so important to start school on time?

  • Great schools get their students working from Day One
  • Kids who miss out the first few days often miss out on bonding activities, group formation, and important learning
  • From the school’s perspective, planning the academic year is a hard task so having a view of the number of kids enrolled means better resources, timetables and creates a well-organised environment
  • If there are particular subjects your child wants to enrol in, they need to get in quick to avoid classes being full
  • If you know your children won’t be able to attend school from Day One, at least let the school know so they can hold the place for your child and are ready to make them part of the class when they do start.  

Tips for getting enrolled in time:

  • Every school has a different enrolment date so make sure you have called the school or checked the website for enrolment and school start dates
  • Contact your school if you are concerned about the costs involved with getting your child fully equipped for school as they can often help.

3 thoughts on “Let’s give our children a great start – enrol them for school now

  1. Is late enrolment a big issue in Auckland? We seem to be preparing at least 18 months out for the start of schooling in Australia, probably exacerbated by a recent baby boom over the last 5+ years in Australia…

    1. It’s a big issue in low socio-economic areas, where schools often have the equivalent of a whole class of students arriving without having enrolled first. Makes planning very hard for schools, and means students’ first day is taken up with enrolment rather than getting into learning.

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